Educational Objective

1.With the national industrial development policy for Taiwan's traditional industries of high-tech and precision to provide the professionals on product-design and analysis.
1.1To provide the students with the professional technology background of innovative design.
1.2to train the students with the ability to plan, evaluate and execute engineering analysis.

2.By the conception on “high-tech traditional industries and new products of humanity” to cultivate the professionals on the design, manufacture, monitoring technology and system integration.
2.1The students should be able to appreciate the culture, art and a humanistic quality and demonstrate the ability on product design, engineering design and innovative design.
2.2The students should have the ability on the cross-products, teamwork, products innovative manufacturing and control integration.
2.3The students should have the ability on integrated systems and be based on the cross-regional collaborative design

3.Curriculum planning seeks to close integrate with the potential industry to implement the development balances on the “Professional knowledge” and “Practical technology” and sustain management the fundamental purpose of vocational education forever.
3.1The students should have the willing to devote on lifelong learning and make sustainable lifelong learning.
3.2The students are able to familiar a foreign language at least and willing to absorb new knowledge and learning innovation.
3.3The should have the skills on the lecture, demonstration and communication, and with professional responsibility, ethics concepts and innovative ideas.